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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple
More Pictures to come
Tigers not all chained


polar325 said...

In regards to the tiger temple in thailand the CWI (care for the wild international) conducted a 2 year report on the temple and findings where horrific, disturbing and sad. In brief some of these findings where illegal trade and trafficking, animal cruelty, visitor safety risk malnourishment of the tigers etc, so many cases where uncovered. The tigers at the temple are also subjected to beatings this is most certainly not right at all. These tigers are elegant powerful animals and do not deserve the treatment they get at the temple, they deserve love and proper attention. you can find the CWI's full report at

The Farr Family said...

We are now aware of the report, but it wasn’t published for a couple of months after our 2 hour visit, in that short time at the Temple we didn’t see any of the things alleged.
Sam and Wendy Farr