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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Southgate Bath

One of my friends, Amy the famous long jumper from Bath University was having tea with her mother in Marks and Spencers when her mother said there someone on that roof I think he’s going to jump, Amy looked and said “no its only Sam the photographer”.
I was shootings some pictures for Southgate and sure enough when I looked at the pictures taken with an 8mm lens, there was Amy.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Open Evening at Keynsham Police Custody Centre

It’s a very impressive building. 

The entrance and all the doors are just like a lion park, the first gate has to be closed before the next will open.
 Wendy tries one of the custody cells, note the toilet, hand wash and daylight in every cell.

 Every cell has a mirror covering the whole cell.

 A charge desk with a profile that makes it difficult to climb.

Hatch in the cell door to keep an eye on the customers.
 One of the four custody wings.
 The shower, note the liquid soap (no chance of dropping the soap in the shower then.)
 All the walls have an illuminated strip that if pressed sound the alarm and tell the control desk where it is.
 Kitchen to feed the Offenders.
 The  control centre
 Small interview room.
Large interview room for difficult customers.
Think this room is saved for TV personalities.

The medical room like the rest of the centre is still being prepared for the first clients next month.