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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Combe Hay Post Office Closed

With all the Post Office closures, its time to remember our Post Office which sadly closed in 1983, its now about twice the size and a private house, this view is now the end of the kitchen for my next door neighbours.

We had England’s oldest sub post mistress in Elsie Hillier, she was 102 when she retired very frail but with a mind as sharp as a tack.
Towards the end she ran the Post Office from her living room, you went in and sat by the fire while she sold you stamps from her arm chair.

Her Post Office was robbed a number of times, I remember a Post office official telling me they were in a quandary, if they left her open she was an easy target for robbers and if they took the post office away they would be attacked as heartless, if only the Post Office were so caring today!

More Pictures of Elsie on my web site HERE

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