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Friday, 7 March 2008

Eddie Cochran

On Saturday, April 16, 1960, at about 11:50 pm, 21-year-old Rock Star Eddie Cochran was a traffic accident while travelling through Chippenham, he died next day in St Martins Hospital Bath.

When I was waiting for Wendy to see the dietician at St Martins Hospital today, I thought I would wander over to the Eddie Cochran memorial in the grounds.
To my surprise it had been moved from its original site a new spot behind the chapel.
It makes little difference as the old memorial site was just as far from the ward he died in.

In our Bath Hospital Radio Days we often visited the late Bea Beadle, Bea lived most of her life between two wards at St Martins Hospital.
She was a victim of polio and never left her bed, but vividly remembered the night Eddie Cochran was brought into the ward next to her bed.

Sam and Wendy visiting Bea on our wedding day 29/8/70

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