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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Elephant at Bristol Zoo

In the days before Health and Safety became the most important thing in the world.
Bristol zoo did elephant rides, both Wendy and I rode on Rosie the famous elephant that gave 80,000 rides a year to children but she died in 1961.
This is Wendy, an Asian elephant who arrived at the zoo in 1967 and lived there alone untill 1986.
Bristol Zoo elected not to replace her.


Unknown said...

Hi there
I was a keeper at Bristol Zoo for well over 10 years and spent some time looking after the Elephants.
I hope you dont mind me pointing out an error in your blogg
Your picture is of Christina the African Elephant, not Wendy the Asian Elephant.
They lived together at the Zoo for over 30+ years until Christina died.
You are correct Wendy was alone then for a few years until she died.
regards Malc

The Farr Family said...

Whoops Sorry Malcolm.
I'm afraid one elephant looks like another and after all these years I have trouble remembering my own name!

Sam Farr

Malcolm's home page is here;?cr=6