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Friday, 31 August 2007

Baby Annabell

As you can see two-year-old Lottie is a bit short of toys, and this is a picture of some of the toys she leaves at our house.
She’s holding the current favourite, Baby Annabell which
is just like a real baby with realistic features .
When you talk to Baby Annabell she turns her head to the left or the right depending on where your voice is coming from in a very spooky manner. She babbles, gurgles and sucks on her dummy.
When she drinks from the water-filled bottle she makes sucking sounds and slowly opens and closes her eyes. Once she has finished drinking, she burps and falls asleep.
If she is woken by noise she cries - and real tears roll down her cheeks but singing soon hushes her!

Long gone is the day when a doll that wet itself and closed its eyes was the ultimate little girl toy.

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