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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station and Terry Pratchett

I notice that Hinkley Point Power Station in Somerset
now has permanent armed police guards.

Here are some old pictures of an

Emergency Exercise at Oldbury Power Station
When I worked for the old Central Electricity Generating Board they had regular emergency exercises to test the systems.
This one was at Oldbury Power Station simulating an emergency at Berkeley Power Station.
The whole day was taken very seriously; senior staff and press officer were flown in by helicopter, as the roads would be blocked by traffic moving out of the area.
People were given questions to phone in on the emergency lines to keep the staff busy.
Wendy my wife had to phone in as the Princess Royal's lady-in-waiting asking if the horses at Gatcombe Park were safe!
They had regular press conferences with staff playing the part of the press asking yet more questions of the panel of police, station managers and scientists.
While the press officer stalked the stage making sure the senior police officer didn't do an Ian Blair.
The press officer was Terry Pratchett, who was already starting to be well-known as an author.
He had written Colour of Magic and it had been serialised in Woman's Hour.
These rare glimpses of Pterry at work have never been published.

More unusual pictures of Terry HERE

All Pictures Copyright Sam Farr

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