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Tuesday, 27 March 2007


I’m 63 this year and I thought it’s time to make a statement to define my personality.

After much thought I had to decide between a tattoo, a ponytail or a piercing.

Now as I have always said”a tattoo is a way of saying I’m waste of space without opening your mouth” that left the other two.

And we all know if you lift up a ponytail on a man and a pony you find the same thing underneath!

That left the piercing, should it be a discreet diamond stud in one ear of a full-blown Prince Albert, no the diamond is a bit gay and no one would ever see my Prince Albert.

So I decided to make the supreme statement, I bet you never see another of these?

1 comment:

Traction Man said...

No... I've never seen one of those. And, frankly, I don't ever want to!