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Saturday, 10 March 2007


BT doesn’t have any sense of customer care.
It's not content with having 35 MP's accuse it of blackmail for overcharging the poorest customers an extra £4.50 a quarter for not using direct debit.
And moving it’s customer service offshore so deaf old people like me, have difficulty explaining service problems in a little village in Somerset to someone on the other side of the world.
But today they topped it all by vandalising the only phone box in the village,
They have removed the coin box and put up a coins not accepted here sign, now the box only offers 999 and credit card calls.
The only problem is that despite having a dialling tone the number for credit cards and operator service doesn’t work.

Now they would argue that most people who have a problem with a horse or breakdown in their car will have a mobile phone.
But because we live in a valley, most mobiles don’t work, in fact the last BT man that called asked to use our home phone because his mobile didn’t work.

1 comment:

Graham said...

We have phone boxes that have those 'Coins Not Accepted Here' signs up almost everywhere near our village in Wiltshire. It costs 20p / minute from a credit card to make a call plus a £1.50 setup fee, making mobile phones much cheaper! So who on earth would use a phonebox with those charges?

They should reintroduce a minimum fee of 20p for 10 minutes of local or national calls. I'd certainly use my local phone box much more often and others would too. Nice blog by the way :)