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Sunday, 4 March 2007

BT Broadband man with a van calls.

Living in the country is a problem for Broadband users; I have always received half of the bandwidth offered because of the distance to the exchange.
When I was offered 1 meg I had half a meg, when it was speeded up to two I had one, so when BT offered me three of the up to six on offer in return for signing a one year agreement, I jumped at it.
But the problem is they use a call centre outside the UK, after three weeks of going through the same computer generated questions, do I have a firewall running at the moment (no), have I changed the filters (three times), can I take the front off the socket and connect to the master socket (no the line is 40 years old I have no master socket).
So after weeks of me asking the same question, “please can you send a man with a van?”
They relented and sent me the man with van and he replaced the 40-year old line into the house with a new one that he tested and said was capable of supporting 4.7 meg.
Well they have managed two meg so far, and I live in hope of it improving slowly.

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