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Monday, 5 December 2011

Polaroid 180

 Here's something for the instant picture fans.
This is me taking my own picture in a mirror.
In those days Polaroid B&W film had to be coated 
with a gooey sort of lipstick to make it permanent.
But I used the 180 in the studio because flash 
meters were as rare as hens teeth in those days.
Please note I have found out how to tuck my shirt in now.
 The camera is a rare manual Polaroid 180 camera
Produced: 1965-1969 / Original Retail: $189.95
Estimated Production: 51,000 - (80,000)
  Lens: 114mm, f/4.5 4-element Tominon
    Shutter: Seikosha leaf shutter, 1 - 1/500 sec
    Flash: M and X sync.
with a Zeiss Rangefinder
    Built-in self-timer ("V" setting on flash sync lever)
    Manual exposure. (either by conventional shutter/aperture settings, or by the EV system) 
A league of nations camera.
American design and film, German viewfinder, Japanese shutter and lens.
This picture of Wendy and I was taken with
it about 45 years ago, the Polaroid colour film
didn't need coating.

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