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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Patricia Hewitt is in the news again.

Wendy always had an eye for talent, when she was doing her Certificate in Management Studies at the City of Bath College in 1993.
Her final project was to organise a conference to highlight the opportunities for women returning to work.
She invited the little-known deputy director of the Institute for Public Policy Research to speak.
I remember well that we went to the café in Kingsmead Square for tea while she waited for her train.
She was later made Secretary of State for Health the RT.Hon. Patricia Hewitt MP.


Traction Man said...

Why didn't you bump her off while you had the chance? She is the most patronising individual every to insult human intelligence.

The Farr Family said...

I have to say I photographed her twice afterwards when she was Secretary of State for Health.
On both occasions she was being interviewed by a TV reporter who obviously wanted a job on News night.
When they persisted in asking the same question 10 times she stood up and walked off in mid interview to have her picture taken for the Bath Chronicle.
In 20 years she was the only person I have ever seen do that and she did it twice.
That’s the sort of thing photographer’s love!