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Friday, 22 January 2010

I must have been mad.

The current controversy over new transmission line in Somerset in 2016  reminded me of some of my photographic work when I was under contract to the Central Electricity Generating Board 30 years ago.
This is line work on the Tamar crossing, it’s about 300ft high but does have ladders to climb.

This is a standard transmission tower, around 175ft high but you have to climb the bolts on the corner.

And some idiot had to go up to take the snaps, I suspect that under current health and safety laws I would have needed at least a month’s training before going up.
But I just turned up and climbed and they pulled my camera bag up on a rope.

1 comment:

SharonM said...

Never mind a month's training - I'm surprised you didn't need a month to recover!