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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Speeding in Bath

This speed camera vehicle was parked on Wellsway for an hour today, isn't the idea to prevent accidents by being visible?
As you may be aware, all speed cameras must now be clearly marked and visible from a certain distance; the only sign visible to traffic leaving the town was covered by the driver’s headrest of the car parked in front.
As a pensioner I’m never in a hurry so don’t speed but the placing of this van at the bottom of a hill where many drivers of less powerful cars will increase speed slightly to get them up the hill must be like shooting fish in a barrel.


SharonM said...

I think if I got a ticket from that I would contest it.

The Farr Family said...

I watched it backing into the space as if drove to town about 10am and it was still there at 11am.
They did drive it away soon after I started photographing it.
But anyone unlucky enough to get a ticket is welcome to use my picture to fight over a ticket.

Traction Man said...

They say it's not about raising revenue. Tell that to the judge!