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Sunday, 11 October 2009

First Picture of Traction Man

We visited friends in Windsor over the weekend and dined at Antony Worral Thompson’s Windsor Grill.
I can honestly say this was the finest steak meal I have had in the last 65 year and the party felt the atmosphere and service was second to none.
We thought that we should share the fine quality food with Traction Man, but as he is in hospital nearly two hours away the choice was limited, but they happily packed one of the starters, Mr Machin’s Scottish Smoked Salmon and Sticky Toffee pudding in our plastic boxes, and even gave us discount.
Waitress Kasia with the food.
First picture of Traction Man.

1 comment:

Suzanne Bosworth said...

Ahaaaa .. so that's what he was wolfing down. We could barely get a word out of him for a while. Hardly surprising, given the standard of that gorgeous food compared to what the NHS caterers want to tip down his throat.

Glad you were able to drop by and keep TM's spirits high!