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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Raining inside a Qantas Jumbo at Hong Kong

The Qantas Boeing 747-400 Jumbo leaving Hong Kong had air conditioning problems, and soon after taking off the water started dripping on us.
We thought that something had broken in an overhead locker, but as the seat belt signs were on we just had to sit and be dripped on.
As soon as the seat belt lights went out there was much furious mopping by the stewardesses who said this happens when we leave Hong Kong, its pity they didn’t tell us and issue rain wear.
Seats 41H,I,J,K and the three rows in front seemed most affected!

Floating restaurant drier than a Qantas Jumbo!

Jumbo the largest floating Chinese
restaurant in the World

One of the dining rooms!
Copyright Sam Farr Larger File available
We visited on our last
night in Hong Kong

Wendy wasn’t very happy with
this find in the aquarium display!
Early flight, Hong Kong Airport at 4am

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