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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Bath Clockworks

Bath Clockworks at 39 Newbridge Road Bath is a shop run by a craftsman in the good old sense.
Clocks are repaired and restored, they are even collected and delivered whenever customers cannot manage, or when the clock needs 'setting up'.
They will also fit clocks to walls; Alistair even changed the battery in my car alarm key for a very reasonable fee.


Whitley said...

Highly recommended service. We have used Clockworks on several occasions to repair, re-silver and move long case clocks.

Peter said...

I agree entirely. Great service and knowledge. I alwys come away feeling that same sort of contentment that one gets after a good meal. Don't know why this analogy fits it's just one of those things. He's serviced my Longine for many years now and I get the feeling he enjoys it as much as I do.