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Monday, 22 October 2012

Learning to drive for £15.75, but it was in 1961

 In 1961 Bath had a ground breaking driving school that used a private track to teach you to drive off road before your 17th birthday.
It was a brilliant idea, my 17th Birthday was the on August the 25th and I had my first lesson on the 21st of March. It only cost £15 15 shillings for 17 lessons (about £260 at today's prices) though they guaranteed to give you free lessons till you passed if you failed you test..
 My test was on the 31st of September 7 days after my birthday and I passed only using 12 of my lessons. But roads were very different in 1961and I had driven dads car around the orchard from the age of 15 and already had a full motorbike licence so had gained a little road sense.
This was the family car in  1961
Later on I moved to something a bit better and that was only £1600 for a kit.

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