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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Za Za Bazaar

We took the Grandchildren to Bristol Pantomime on Friday, but visited the new Za Za Bazaar restaurant first.
It’s the biggest restaurant in the UK seating 1000, Weekday Lunch is £6.99 and weekday dinner is £12.99 for all you can eat from a selection including Indian, Chinese, Tex Mex, Pasta, Piri Piri, Pizza and Italian.
In fact everything from Chicken Nuggets to Traditional Kashmir recipe of lamb chops simmered with onion, tomatoes and spices with gently crushed fennel, and sweets from around the world.
They have 40 chefs who seem happy to cope with anything even making a gluten free risotto for Wendy.
If you just want a quiet candle lit dinner its not for you but if you want to have an incredible eating experience and let your kids try food from all over the world I can thoroughly recommend it. 

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