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Monday, 6 June 2011

Orange Broadband

You may wonder why my blog has not been updated recently, nearly a year ago I changed broadband supplier from BT to Orange to save £20 a month.
The broadband speed has never come anywhere near BT despite many e-mails and call to the help centre in India which are all charged.
The final insult came when they e-mailed last week to say they were upgrading my service and I would lose broadband for 10 minutes overnight.
Good to their word my broadband closed but failed to return next morning, I called India to be told there was a problem but I would get my service back in the evening.
Next day called support again it turned out to be in Ireland this time, a man explained about BT exchanged and said the engineer said there was a problem with my copper pair, I said the copper pair that I'm talking to you on now and he said the engineer was returning to the exchange next week.
I explained as a working photographer I needed my Broadband.
He assured me the people in India could fix it but he had no priority and took ten minutes to put me through where they spent yet more time to reconfigure my modem, still no luck so they said a supervisor would call, but they didn’t.
Called at the Westgate Street Orange shop in Bath where the staff showed total disinterest in my problem (no commission for them) and just said it could have happened with BT.
In short if you need broadband for work Orange appears to be the worst possible choice.

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