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Sunday, 17 April 2011

On this day in 1960 Eddie Cochran died.

The Eddie Cochran memorial stone at St Martins Hospital, Bath.
It was moved from its original place to its permanent place, behind the chapel (a much much better site) but they had a few problems with the stone as it was put down flat on the ground, not in an upright position, so all of the rain would settle in the groves of the gold lettering, this would start a chemical reaction over a year or so and would fade all of the gold lettering, the lettering almost disappeared.
They had the gold lettering replaced, the same thing happened again, so now we had new gold lettering and the head of Eddie Cochran in silver renewed and more new granite added and put in an upright position, it is much larger and a real showpiece. thanks to the man that did the work on the stone  Mr. David Ashwell.

 Graham Love was at the last  Eddie Cochran concert in Bristol, and was back stage for part of the show.
The memorial was installed at St Martins in 1998 by Graham Love (ex Bathonion living in the USA for the last 29 years) and a good friend of his Pete Morgan from Bristol UK they have worked on this project from the start, it has been expensive but worth it.
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