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Friday, 11 February 2011

You saw it here first, Traction Man

 Back in September 2009 I used this picture on the blog in a post about a good friend who had been in hospital much too long and started a blog NOTES FROM A HOSPITAL BED.
He'd taken to photographing his meals so I thought it would make a good bingo game for him.
Since then things snowballed and Mark's Blog has gone from strength to strength and has had 283158 visitors and numerous mentions on radio and TV plus a page in the Sun and half a page in the Telegraph.
Well, it all comes to a climax when the anonymous blogger comes out from the nom de plume of Traction Man and presents a Channel Four Dispatches program on hospital food at 8pm on the 7th of February.
Marks show has been moved to the 21th of February to allow an extra interview to be added.

1 comment:

Traction Man said...

What a handsome fellow! However, can I just mention that the visits to the website now stand at 283,158. Looking forward to my TV debut as I've got a great face for radio.