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Friday, 24 December 2010

Evil Genius (Bread) but Warburton bread is worse

Wendy is a Coeliac and has to avoid gluten, last year she found Genius Bread which is the nearest thing to real bread, in fact she gets it on prescription.
All went well until a few months ago when we started to find large air holes which makes it very difficult to make her favorite toasted sandwiches. 
We complained to the company and they asked for batch numbers and details so they could chase the bakery.
Today I cut this slice and when I went to photograph it I found this really evil face.
Genius have written with apologies for the holes in the bread and offered to send a free case of bread, but as I'm a pensioner and don't pay for the bread, that is effectively a gift to the N.H.S. all I want is bread with no big holes.
Update 2 Warburtons launch a Gluten free bread, we tried one today and it fell to bits when we opened the pack only thee slices surviving whole. 
Your going to have to try harder Mr Warburton, long live Genius.

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