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Monday, 21 June 2010

Why I bought a picture from the man at the door.

Why would I buy a print from a stranger, about twice a year someone calls and tries to sell me a picture of my house from the air,
As most of my friends know I've made my living with a camera for the last 30 years and done a fair bit of photography from the air in that time.
  Combe Hay from a balloon.
 The Badger line bus depot.
 The Three Tenors in the Royal Crescent
 Bath Abbey and the City Centre.
 The Roman Baths and the Spa in the same picture.
 Royal Crescent
 Midford Castle
Roof top pool of Thermae Bath Spa.
Our Bungalow in 1980 from a Squirrel helicopter.
It's the only picture I have that shows the brook at the bottom of the garden as the trees have grown up now.
The only difference is that Andy cuts the grass now so it looks a bit like the Victoria Park..
So this was the picture I bought, it was taken in 1969 before we extended the bungalow, and I can't go back in time like Dr Who.

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