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Monday, 28 September 2009

Found a digital card in Bath

I picked up a digital card in Terrace Walk Bath today; the only name on the card is Peter Logan.
And the pictures seem to have a canal theme, though he has been to Australia
Is this Peter Logan? 
 Does he look like this now?
 Where is this Canal?

 Is this the Logan Dog? 
 Girl friends?
If these are your pictures and would like your card with 232 pictures back please e-mail me.


SharonM said...

I do hope the card is reunited with its owner. I wonder if it's something the Chronicle might be interested in pursuing.

The Farr Family said...

The last picture on the card was the 23.9.09 and none of the are of Bath.
He may not even know he dropped it.
But I will check the police lost property on Tuesday.