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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Ian Richardson Remembered.

Coming soon to a book shop near you, Looking at the life and work of a truly unique performer, We Could Possibly Comment  by Sharon Mail gives an insight into this special man through tributes from more than fifty actors, directors, producers, writers, admirers and others. It includes the author’s personal recollections of a dear friend, and extracts from a lengthy interview conducted during a memorable visit to the actor’s home.
I was very pleased to see that one of my pictures of Ian has been chosen for the cover of the new book.
We could possibly comment-Ian Richardson remembered 
by Sharon Mail
ISBN: 9781848761841 £13.95

1 comment:

SharonM said...

Many thanks for that, Sam.

The cover photo has been greatly admired - as it should be - and I'm grateful to you and the Bath Chronicle for allowing me to use it - and for the anecdote you provided for the book from your meeting with Ian.