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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Miles Kington theTruth!

As a long-time resident of Bath I have met and photographed Miles Kington on several occasions.
The first time I went to his home in Limpley Stoke with a reporter, Miles had just come back from walking his dog,
and said “I must wash the dog before I do anything” I followed him into the garden and was rewarded with this picture of Miles Washing his dog.
The second time was when Caroline was being sworn in as a magistrate, he stood in the background refusing to be in a picture.
The last time we met he was backing into a space behind my car and gently touched it, I jumped out and said” Don’t they teach you to drive at the BL**DY Independent” he thought I was serious and started explaining that he was a freelance.
Then he realised he knew me and I was winding him up.
Mile was a very talented writer, journalist and human being he will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
Picture Copyright Sam Farr / The Bath Chronicle
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