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Thursday, 27 December 2007

I hope you paid your road tax!

I Spotted the DVLA vehicle clamping vehicle in Bath today, it drives around the area (spending most of the time in Bristol).
When the four number plate recognition cameras mounted on the roof spot an untaxed car they stop and clamp it.
It costs £80 and the production of a current tax disc to get it released, if it’s not claimed in 24 hours the release fee goes to £160 plus £15 a day storage.
If it’s still unclaimed after 14 days it goes to the car crusher and you’re still in line for a £1000 fine plus back tax.
Between August 1997 and November 2004, the scheme encouraged over 909,000 motorists to voluntarily retax their vehicles, bringing in £116m in additional revenue. Over 259,000 vehicles have been wheel clamped and about half of these have been crushed. This action has had a direct impact on road safety, as the vehicles that have been disposed of were unroadworthy.

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